Prof Tay Beng Kang is a pioneer in Filtered Catholic Vacuum Arc (FCVA) technology and works for many years in developing thin film materials especially in amorphous carbon, nanocomposites, graphene and carbon nanotubes. His current research includes growth and application of 2D TMDC materials and their heterostructures, fabrication and characterization of nanostructures for field emission, thermal and high frequency RF applications. To date, Prof Tay has published more than 400 journal papers with Google Scholar H index of 60.

Prof Tay is also the co-inventor of 17 international patents for 7 technologies filed between 1995 and 1998. Nanofilm Technologies Pte Ltd was established in 1999 as a spin-off licensing exclusively IP developed at NTU on Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc technologies. The research team was subsequently awarded the ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Award and National Technology Award in 1997 and 2000 respectively for outstanding R&D contributions on a new Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc Technology.

Prof Tay’s research has been recognized internationally where he works closely with companies such as Excelitas Technologies, IIA Technologies, Thales Group where he also supervised several EDB Industry Postgraduate Programme (IPP) students. He is currently the Deputy Director of CINTRA, a UMI research unit cofounded by CNRS, NTU and Thales. He has been an invited speaker at numerous international conferences and universities.

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Presently, I am maintaining research activities in the following areas through final year project students, postgraduate students, research staff and collaborative research interactions:

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Licensing of Intellectual Properties - NTU spin-off company in FCVA technology (1999 - present)

Group News

Congratulations to Dr Dr Shi Xu, founder of Nanofilm Technologies International Ltd, Singapore , be appointed Chairman of the Board of NTUitive, the innovation and enterprise company of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, effect from 1 July 2021. --- July 2021

Congratulations to Dr Tan chong wei, promoted to Senior Research Fellow!! --- July 2021

New System Arrived! Hall Effect Measurement system arrived in EEE Nanoelectronics lab! --- June 2021

Congratulations to Dr Shau Li Lynn, who have successfully completed their PhD!! ---2020

Congratulations to Dr Lim Yu Dian, Dr Kong Qinyu, Dr Julia Gusakova, and Dr Mathieu Cometto, who have successfully completed their PhD!! ---Oct 2018